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Maid Service in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and williamson valley

Maid by Rennie has been in business since 2009. The company was started by Rennie after demand for her house cleaning services increased. The service is set apart from other companies in the area by the attention to detail and the excessively strong work ethic. Clients continue to be amazed at the thoroughness of the service, cleaning everything from baseboards to the top blades of ceiling fans. Here are some examples of what can be expected in a typical first time in cleaning:

  • Clean Inside and Outside of All Windows
  • Clean Inside and Outside of Freezer and Refrigerator
  • Clean Inside and Outside of Cabinets
  • Vacuum Top of All Cabinets
  • Clean Stove Top
  • Clean Inside and Outside of Oven
  • Clean Behind and Under Oven
  • Wash Sinks Out
  • Vacuum and/or Mop All Floors
  • Wash All Baseboards
  • Clean All Shelves in Closets and Pantry
  • Wash All Light Fixtures & Fans
  • Scrub Toilets and Sinks in Bathrooms
  • Scrub All Bathtubs and Showers
  • Clean All Lights Switches and Electrical Outlets
  • Sweep Dirt and Debris from Front & Rear Patio
  • Wash All Door Knobs
  • Wash Top of All Door Frames
  • Clean All Vents
  • Clean All Mirrors
Current Prescott area subdivisions where services by the Maid by Rennie staff are available include, Inscription Canyon, Talking Rock Ranch, Hassayampa, Granite Mountain Estates, Crossroads Ranch, American Ranch, Granite Oaks, Rimrock, Appaloosa Meadows, Stone Ridge, Prescott Lakes, Highlands Ranch, Las Vegas Ranch, among others.
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Recent Customer Comments:

“Dependable, honest, thorough cleaning; especially noticing the details.” - JoAnn (Inscription Canyon)

“Extremely honest & trustworthy, shows up on time, excellent cleaning & knows exactly what to do.” - Jim & Jeri (Inscription Canyon)

“Exceptional service, an eye for detail from top to bottom.” - Trevor & Pat (Hassayampa Country Club)

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